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Back in 1994, Amazon online store provided only books. Now Amazon is one of the largest online stores popular even outside of the United States. You can buy electronics, clothes, sport equipment, software and much more from Amazon. All the products are divided into 32 categories. Amazon also owns a film studio, publishing house and produces consumer goods. 

The HQ of Amazon is based in Seattle. The company has offices in many countries. Over 100 million people have made purchases on Amazon. The shipping is carried out by Amazon’s own courier service or intermediary companies. 

Track orders

Amazon’s customers can track the location of their orders in real time. To be able to do it, you need to know the tracking number of the parcel. This number is sent to the customer’s email. Important: use Tracking number (not Order number) to track the status of the order. 

The tracking number can consist of the numbers or the combination of numbers and letters. Enter this number into the corresponding field on the website of the courier service that carries out the delivery. As soon as the parcel crosses the border, it’s passed to the local national post operator. You can also track the location of your parcel on our website. 

By all directions

Project supports more than 100 international postal and courier services.

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