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iHerb Order & Package Tracking

American online store iHerb provides products for health and beauty, sport nutrition, pet food, etc. All the products sold by iHerb are eco-friendly. Among other advantages of iHerb: a wide range of products (more than 30000 items), affordable prices, low shipping fee. 

iHerb started in 1996. The HQ is based in Moreno Valley, California. iHerb is one of the world’s most popular online stores. 

Track orders

Many customers would like to know where their parcel is. Every year the tracking of parcels’ location is getting easier. So how to identify the location of your parcel? 

Customers get the information required for tracking on the next day after the payment. To be able to track the status of the parcel, you need to know the tracking number. You can find this number on the order’s page on iHerb website. If the order has “Sent” status, then it already received the tracking number. 

You can find out where your parcel is on the website of the courier service that carries out the delivery. The type of the tracking number depends on the courier service. For example, Post of Sweden numbers start with RE or CD and finish with SE. There are 9 digits between the letters. Enter the tracking number into the corresponding field on the website of the courier service. Make sure to enter the tracking number and not the order number. The status of the parcel can be tracked on our website. 

By all directions

Project supports more than 100 international postal and courier services.

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