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One of the most popular e-commerce companies in the world is eBay. This American company combines online stores and auctions. eBay is the intermediary between sellers and customers. The customer transfers the payment directly to the seller. The delivery is also carried out without eBay participation. The sellers using this platform pay the fee. Customers can use eBay for free. 

eBay was founded in 1995. The HQ is based in San Jose, California. Almost anything can be bought from eBay (except for the products violating laws of the country or blacklisted products). The time of the auction is set by the seller. 

The advantages of eBay:

  • global coverage (products can be purchased from anywhere in the world);
  • no language barrier;
  • available 24/7;
  • affordable prices;
  • the big number of customers and sellers;
  • rare items..

Track orders

The shipping terms on eBay may reach 60 days. Of course, some customers would like to know where the parcel is during this time. eBay provides such an opportunity. To be able to track the location of the order, you need to know its tracking number. 

The tracking number depends on the destination and the courier service that carries out the delivery. The numbers differ for the state postal companies and private courier services. Every company has its own number (for example, DHL has 12-digit number.).

To know your tracking number, log in to your eBay account. Then select the order for tracking. The tracking number is specified under the product description. Enter this number into the corresponding field. You can also track the location of the parcel on our website. 

By all directions

Project supports more than 100 international postal and courier services.

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