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Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is a Chinese multinational tech and e-commerce corporation. Alibaba has been involved in international commercial business and sales since 1999. It is the best business platform up to date, with full support and all tools needed to reach the target audience for any big or small business. Alibaba also helps consumers find the right vendors so that they can get all types of items shipped rapidly and easily. 

Alibaba has over forty categories with millions of different types of merchandise to order. For example cosmetics, toys, gadgets, clothes, and much more. As of now, the company has shipped items to consumers from almost 200 countries and territories. The vendors on Alibaba are always eager to reply to consumers' messages and give any needed information. 

Alibaba is always prepared to help you build your business and find new customers. This entails substantial commercial interaction with the community.

Alibaba offers sales assistance via web platforms, digital cloud services, online shopping malls, as well as e-wallets. The most successful online community of business owners in 2021 is definitely Alibaba.

Tracking your Alibaba parcel

Through a unique tracking ID number, Alibaba makes sure that you get updated tracking information about your order. More information on your shipment can always be found on the page called "Trade Assurance". You must take a few steps in order to track your Alibaba package. To begin, go to and then click on "Parcels" or "Air Express". Alibaba frequently employs these two methods to ship goods. Before you can track your shipment online, you must first select one of these two options. A couple of other tracking options exist as well.

Note, that some companies may only direct you to Alibaba tracking after you pay a small amount of money. Such businesses are generally Asian, or more specifically Chinese. 

You may find it problematic to monitor your shipment by visiting a number of internet pages over and over. In this case you can track your Alibaba orders with the help of the Megabonus parcel tracking website. Find the website using any search engine or from this page and insert your Alibaba tracking number ID. You may easily locate your Alibaba shipped goods using our service. We made our website user-friendly and the whole service is intended to be super easy to use for anyone. 

Alibaba shipping prices

The cost of delivery from Alibaba varies according to the items you purchase. The price of an Alibaba order is determined by the size and weight of the package. For average goods weighing up to 10 kilograms (22 lbs), Alibaba charges normally range between 30 and 100 USD. Shipping rates range from one to two hundred dollars for items weighing up to 20 kilograms (44 lbs). So, two things determine the full cost of your Alibaba shipping – the vendor and the size of the parcel.

Free delivery from Alibaba can be offered in some cases. Normally, this is determined by the suppliers – some of them just decide to ship for free. Several businesses and shops charge their own amounts of money for the shipment of goods, while others provide free delivery with the cost of shipping already included in the overall cost of the item. Alibaba shipment is influenced by such criteria as size, volume, height of the parcel, etc. 

Alibaba shipping time

If you use Alibaba Express, then expect to wait for three to four weeks before the parcel arrives at your desired location. It might take up to two months, or 60 days in total. Your Alibaba order will arrive within the time range indicated. Once you buy an item, you may track the status of your Alibaba parcel by typing your Alibaba ID or special tracking number on the website. Once again, you may simply use Megabonus Parcel tracking to do that as well. To get information about your parcel, simply type your Alibaba parcel tracking number on the main page of Megabonus Parcel tracking.

If you are located in the same city as the shop you are buying items from, your Alibaba delivery will arrive in 24 to 72 hours. However, if you are not from China, it will take quite a bit longer for your parcel to get to you.

Alibaba worldwide shipping

Like we’ve mentioned above, Alibaba has a worldwide delivery service. This means that you may make a purchase from all over the world, it doesn't matter where you live. Note that Alibaba packages often take a few weeks to be delivered to you, especially if you are very far away from China (on a different continent, far-away small island, etc.). You can always track your order with a unique tracking number.

In general, Alibaba is a great business platform that allows customers to buy anything without leaving their house. This is why Alibaba’s loyal customers love it so much and return to buy more and more - it is simply one of the best services you can find. 

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