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What Is AliExpress Saver Shipping? 

Until 2017, AliExpress assigned the tracking numbers that didn’t allow tracking the location of parcels. Everything changed in February 2017. Starting from that moment, the sellers can only send the orders with the tacked numbers. This update is a win-win for both customers and seller. Customers can now track the statuses of their orders and sellers don’t lose money for lost parcels. 

However, such tracking number are quite expensive. It affects the price of products, of course. To keep prices affordable, AliExpress created a new shipping method - AliExpress Saver Shipping. This method is used for shipping cheap products (that cost less than $5) and no heavier than 2 kg. The delivery in this case is either cheap or free. First, sellers send the products to the warehouse of AliExpress. The products are sorted there and then sent to the courier services. The delivery terms of AliExpress Saver Shipping are from 15 to 20 days. Sometimes it can reach 45 days. 

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Track parcels from AliExpress Saver Shipping

To be able to track the status of the order shipped by AliExpress Saver Shipping, you need to know the tracking number of the shipment. AliExpress Saver Shipping tracking numbers correspond to the international format. It starts with Z and A. The a combination of numbers go followed by H and K (or L and М). This number is valid all along the path of the parcel. 

To track the status of the parcel, go to AliExpress website. Open “Order details” section. Enter the tracking number into the corresponding field. 

Besides AliExpress website, the location of the parcel from AliExpress can be tracked on our website. You will also need the tracking number. 

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