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Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Limited is a firm based in mainland China. Back in 2013, nine smaller firms, including the Alibaba Group, formed a joint venture. The name "Cainiao" can be translated into English as "Newbie". The city of Hangzhou is home to the company’s main office (the city is located in Zhejiang province). Cainiao is currently led by Shen Guojun. The chairman is Jack Ma, who is mostly known as the former CEO of Alibaba Group.

Cainiao specializes in providing their consumers with quick delivery of ordered items via home delivery or pickup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cainiao has an enormous network of logistics parks, warehouses, post offices, and parcel terminals all throughout China in collaboration with AliExpress and Tmall. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is the primary Chinese center for air freight transit, whereas Liege Airport in Belgium is the main one in Europe.

Cainiao also develops warehouse robots and autonomous delivery vehicles; it has a vast network of containers in China for recycling goods from deliveries, which it shares with other prominent courier services. Cainiao is currently in the process of adopting a "green warehouse" approach that employs biodegradable bags instead of sticky tape to package their parcels.

Will other couriers have something to do with my Cainiao order?

A variety of couriers and delivery firms from China and other countries all around the globe collaborate with Cainiao, allowing their customers to ship anywhere in the world. Although this has resulted in it being a massive logistics organization with an international reach, it has also resulted in changes in package management as each Cainiao order travels along its journey. Use a worldwide parcel tracking solution like Megabonus parcel tracking to properly track your Cainiao shipping.

Because Megabonus Parcel tracking is not affiliated with any couriers or delivery partners that will be handling your package during the transit, it gives you absolute freedom when parcel tracking your Cainiao order, even when your package changes hands on its way to your city.

The strong worldwide tracking technology of Megabonus Parcel tracking can follow your Cainiao shipping while it is still in China as well as track your parcel after it is turned over to another courier business in another nation during transfer.

When you use Megabonus Parcel tracking, the website checks more than 900 carriers and online stores free of charge, which gives you the highest chance of discovering your delivery and getting fast information on its whereabouts. Because of these factors, customers and online stores who use Cainiao shipping services usually choose to track their Cainiao goods with us.

How do I track my package?

Simply use your tracking number on Megabonus Parcel tracking website. It will tell you exactly where your Cainiao parcel is at the moment.

ManypeoplewonderwhattheycandoiftheyaretryingtotracktheirCainiaopackageanditsays "notfound”. It'spossiblethatthetrackingnumberhaschanged (thisisnormalanditcanhappenwheneveryourparcelchangesdelivery partnersduringtransfer). Anotherreasonforitisadelay, whichcanhappenwhentheparcelgetsscannedintime, butthesystemdoesn’tregisterthatrightaway.

What does the tracking number of my Cainiao package look like?

It is crucial to know your tracking number to do effective parcel tracking while waiting for your Cainiao order to arrive. 

Your tracking number will have anywhere from 10 to 20 digits and letters. Two capital letters (usually “LP”) will always be the first ones in your number, and they should be followed by random numbers. An example of a tracking number is LP37523395482.

Because there are so many different carriers that handle Cainiao packages, your shipment tracking number never normally remains the same. Like it was mentioned above, you do not need to do anything about it. It is a normal process and Megabonus Parcel tracking system will show you all relevant information when you use your initial number at any point during the transfer.

The auto-detection feature of Megabonus Parcel tracking determines the courier based on the tracking number you input. This way, any Cainiao-specific tracking number will be recognized by the website. Once again, this is one of the reasons why Megabonus Parcel tracking is simply the best tracking system for your Cainiao orders.

What are the statuses that I see when tracking my Cainiao package?

There are quite a few statuses that you might see when parcel tracking your order on Megabonus Parcel tracking:

Awaiting the pick-up by the carrierThe carrier will soon get your Cainiao parcel to be delivered to you.
The pick-upAt this stage your Cainiao parcel has successfully arrived to a delivery location and has been picked up by the carrier.
DeliveredYou should already have your Cainiao parcel delivered to the address you indicated when ordering.
UndeliveredThe Cainiao parcel could not be delivered (there can be a few reasons for that -you were absent during delivery, the delivery was rescheduled due to a delay, incorrect shipping address, etc.)
TransitThe parcel is in between the two checkpoints on its way to your house.
ArrivedThe Cainaio parcel is already in your country and should be delivered soon.
Awaiting the pick-upThe parcel is at your local delivery center.
Security check failYour Cainaio package did not pass the customs check and will not be delivered (in this case, please contact your courier so that they can send you a new item or give you a refund).

Are there any items that Cainiao can’t ship?

There are certain items that cannot be sold or shipped. This is mostly due to legal or safety reasons. Here is a list of such items:

1.       Fresh meat, seafood, and other perishables.

2.       Alive organisms, including bees, flies, worms, and leeches.

3.       Medical products that directly affect health, for example, prescription pills.

4.       Offensive, derogatory and harmful images, literature.

5.       Items banned by law – weapons, drugs (including narcotics such as cocaine, morphine, opium).

6.       Explosives.

7.       Radioactive items.

8.       Poisonous or toxic items.

9.       Alcoholic beverages.

10.   Gasoline and other firecrackers.

There are also a few items that can be shipped to you only as insured items or simply valuables. Here is a list of valuables that can be shipped through post:

1.       Money – coins, bills, cheques.

2.       Precious stones.

3.       Gold, silver.

4.       Jewelry (made out of precious stones and/ or metals)

Cainiao contact information

The address of Cainiao’s main office is as follows:

Block B1, XIXI center, No.588 West Wenyi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, PR China.

Please note, that you will not see this address when checking your parcel’s whereabouts when it is still in China. This is not the address of the center where package processing takes place. 



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