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China Post state enterprise carries the delivery of packages within China as well as to overseas. The full name is China Post Group Corporation. It was founded by the State Council of China in 1949. The HQ is located in beijing. 

Currently China Post has 230 sorting centers and 82000 offices located all over China. The largest sorting centers of China Post are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The sorting offices in Beijing and Shanghai are the most modern. They rapidly process the packages. The staffing capacity is more than 850000 people. The company's own vehicle fleet counts around 39000 shipping facilities. China Post possesses 5 airplanes, 155 machines for mail sorting and 209 machines for package sorting.


The main operation of China Post is connected with the delivery of mails, periodicals and other packages within China and to overseas. The parcels can be sent either from the post office or remotely. In the second case the parcel will reach its destination faster. The maximum weight of the package is 20 kg the shipping terms is up to 60 days.

Depending on the weight, all parcels from China are divided into two categories: small packages and parcels. The first category includes the items weighing less than 2 kg and the second category includes those exceeding 2 kg. The international shipments from China can be registered and non-registered. The status of the registered parcels can be tracked. However, it’s not possible to track the non-registered parcels. All the parcels exceeding 2 kg are registered.

The tracking number consisting of 13 symbols are assigned to every registered parcel so you can track their statuses. The number of small packages starts with an “R”, the packages of more than 2 kg have “C” in the beginning, and EMS parcels numbers start with “E”. You can track the status of your order on China Post website. 

China post also provides the following services: 

  1. Logistic services.
  2. Postal orders.
  3. Electronic commerce.
  4. Shipments insurance.
  5. Advertising.
  6. Payments of the utility bills.
  7. Selling tickets.

Contact information 

  • website:;
  • HQ address: Beijing Xīchéng, Beilishi road, Jia 8;
  • phone number: +8 610 111 85.

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