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Taiwan Post (Chunghwa Post) is Taiwan's state postal service. The company provides postal services on the island. It was founded in 1878. In 2003, a major restructuring of the company took place, as a result of which it became the property of the state. The main office is located in Taipei. The Chunghwa Post includes 23 regional offices, which include about 1,300 post offices. The company employs about 26,000 people.

Taiwan Post provides the following services:

  • international mail;
  • money transfers;
  • insurance;
  • implementation of philatelic products;
  • rental property.

On the company's website you can track the status of shipments. To do this, you need a track number. The Taiwan Post office number consists of two letters at the beginning of the number and two letters at the end. Between the letters are 9 digits. The first letter depends on the type of departure. The last letters of the departure consists of two letters T and W.

To track the shipment on the Chunghwa Post website, you need to enter captcha (4 digits). To track the parcels of Taiwan Post on our website, you need to enter only the parcel’s track number.

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