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The German postal company Deutshce Post specializes in the forwarding of correspondence and parcels within Germany, as well as the delivery of international correspondence. 

The company is owned by the Deutshce Post DHL holding. DHL department provides international package delivery. The company began its activity in 1995. Headquarters is located in Bonn. The company employs more than 500,000 people.

In its early years, the Deutshce Post was a local mail operator. Now it is the largest logistics company in the world. German Post is notable for its efficiency - in this indicator it takes one of the first places in the world. 95% of domestic shipments in Germany are delivered the next morning. Due to the presence of representative offices in more than 200 countries, parcels can be sent not only from Germany, but also from another country.

There are certain restrictions on sending letters using Deutshce Post. The maximum weight of letters and parcels should be 2 kg, parcels - 31.5 kg. The maximum dimensions of the parcels are 6000 x 6000 x 6000 mm, parcels - 1200 x 600 x 600 mm.

How to track the shipment

You can track the shipment on the German Post website. To do this, go to the "Sendung verfolgen" section. 

Parcels are assigned with an international number that complies with the standard of the Universal Postal Union. This number consists of two capital letters of the Latin alphabet (at the beginning), 9 digits and two capital letters D and E (at the end). The first letter of the number depends on the type of departure. In the case of small packages, the letter R will be at the beginning of the number, letter C for parcels from 2 to 20 kg, letter E for EMS parcels weighing more than 20 kg. The letters D and E at the end of the number indicate that the postal service belongs to Germany 9 (Deutchland).

Contact information

  • Website:;
  • The Head Office: Bonn, 53113, Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. - 20;
  • Telephone: +49 228 433 3111 (for individuals), +49 180 655 55 55 (for legal persons).

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