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Greece Post (ELTA) is the country's national postal operator. It specializes in the delivery of mail and goods both within Greece and abroad. It was founded in 1970. The main office is in Athens. Greece Post is part of the Universal Postal Union.

Postage Greece Post is divided into two categories: small packages (weighing up to 2 kg) and parcels (over 2 kg). In addition to sending mail and cargo, ELTA provides the following services:

  • Remittances;
  • Сustoms clearance of international shipments;
  • Logistics services for online stores;
  • Sales of postal products.

Track your shipment status

To track the status of the dispatch of the Greek Post, enter the number of the dispatch in the "Αναζήτηση Αποστολής" field (in the upper right corner of the main page of the company website). This number depends on the type of shipment. For small packets, it starts with the letter R, for parcels with C, for EMS shipments with E. Then an arbitrary latin capital letter and 9 digits follow. The number ends with two capital letters in Latin, denoting belonging to the country (for the Greek Post - GR).

After receiving small packages and parcels from the sender (status - “Reception of departure”), the Greek Post sends them to the sorting center. After distribution in the sorting center, the packages arrive at the international exchange point (in the case of international shipments). From there (after customs clearance) they are transferred to the disposal of the delivery service of the recipient country (status - "Export").

Our site also allows you to determine the location of a parcel delivered by Greek Post. In the special field you also need to enter the departure number.

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