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Hong Kong Post is responsible for postal services in this administrative district of the PRC and beyond. Hong Kong Post is a state-owned enterprise. It was founded in 1841. Since 1997, Hong Kong Post has been a member of China Post. The Hong Kong Post consists of 132 branches located in different areas of the administrative district. The main office is located in Central County.

In addition to receiving and delivering mail (including EMS), Hong Kong Post provides the following services:

  • Money transfers;
  • accepting various payments;
  • logistics;
  • issue of postage stamps;
  • retail.

Hong Kong Post is a member of the Universal Postal Union. 

How to track the shipment

Hong Kong Post customers can track the status of their packages on the company's website. To do this, go to the "Track and Trace" section. Then, in the special field, enter the track number of the departure. The track number includes 4 latin capital letters (two at the beginning and two at the end) and 9 digits. The first letter of the number depends on the type of departure:

  • R - for small packets (up to 2 kg);
  • C - for parcels (from 2 to 20 kg);
  • E - for EMS packages.

The combination of letters HK at the end of the number means that the postal company belongs to Hong Kong.

There are cases when some shipments are not tracked on the Hong Kong Post website. In this case, you can use our service. Here, to determine the location of the parcel, you will also need the track number of the departure. Information on the status of the order will be presented in English.

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