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Estonian Post Office (Omniva) is the national postal operator of Estonia. The main activity is the delivery of letters and parcels. It was founded in 1991. Until 2014 it had the name "Eesti Post". The headquarters is located in Tallinn. Omniva is a member of the Baltic Postal Union, as well as the postal organization PostEurop. Over 400 branches of this service are located in different regions of Estonia.

For individuals, Omniva provides the following services: sending letters and parcels (including EMS items), ordering periodicals, concluding contracts for the provision of various services, conducting financial affairs, selling lottery tickets, postal and numismatic goods, and others. Estonian Post also provides legal entities with a full range of logistics services.

Track your shipment status

Omniva provides its customers with the ability to track package status. To do this, you need to enter the parcel number on the main page of the site. The parcel number of Estonia Post complies with international standards. It consists of 13 characters: two capital Latin letters, nine digits and a combination of letters EE.

The first letter of the number depends on the type of departure. Small packages (items weighing up to 2 kg) correspond to the letter R, packages (items weighing more than 2 kg) - the letter C, EMS-items - the letter E. The second letter and numbers can be arbitrary. The combination of letters EE at the end of the number indicates the country to which the postal service belongs.

Contact information

  • Website:;
  • Headquarters address: Tallinn, 10001, Pallavi - 28;
  • Contact center telephone: 661 661 6;
  • Email:

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