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Out of all Italian postal providers (which there are not that many of) there is definitely one that stands out. It is of course Poste Italiane, the company with almost 160 years of experience delivering letters and packages. It is a state company which represents an integral part of the country’s economy with its 500 billion euros of financial assets. 

All that being said, the company is extremely trustworthy and has a great reputation among its customers. They are fast and affordable, and those two factors are usually what really influence people’s decision to use Poste Italiane services. During the difficult times in 2020 the company struggled to deliver packages in time due to lockdowns and restrictions. Back then they got complaints from customers about delivery and tracking which motivated them to become better. Poste Italiane employed more staff and trained them in customer service, thus improving the system and making sure their clients are always satisfied. 

Poste Italiane parcel requirements and tracking

First of all you need to know what type of Poste Italiane delivery you are using (if you buy from an Italian online store you need to ask them about it). Right now there are six types according to the company’s official website:

  1. Express (courier delivery all across Italy, up to 30 kilograms per parcel. You get to track every step of your order using a tracking number).
  2. Standard (all across Italy, up to 20 kilograms per package. You get the chance to track it as well).
  3. Globe (non-EU countries, up to 30 kilograms at once. You can contact an assistant to get information about your order’s status).
  4. Europe (European countries, up to 30 kilograms. Once again, you would have to contact Poste Italiane directly to get tracking information).
  5. International Standard (any country in the world, up to 20 kilograms. This is the most affordable type which costs 24 euros).
  6. International Express (any country in the world, up to 30 kilograms. Again, you will have to contact customer support to track your package).

When you get your personal tracking number you can simply track your Poste Italiane parcel by yourself using Megabonus Parcel tracking for free. 

Poste Italiane delivery time

Estimated delivery time depends on the type of delivery the courier is using. Here is a table that shows the difference between all of the types’ delivery time:

Express1-3 days - the fastest delivery time that the company provides.
StandardYou would have to wait for about 4 days before you get your package.
Globe Only 2 to 5 working days.
EuropeEstimated shipping time is 3 days.
International StandardDelivery time varies: 10 to 15 days for EU countries and 10-25 days for non-EU ones.
International ExpressDelivery time is 2-4 days for non-EU countries.

Poste Italiane is shipping worldwide

When it comes to delivery zones, everything once again depends on Poste Italiane shipment type. The two domestic types can only be used for deliveries around Italy. However, there are four exceptions, one of them is Vatican City. For such deliveries Poste Italiane recommends using the International shipping type. 

The International type ships to two hundred countries of the world. This is only possible because of Poste Italiane’s partnership with nearly a million postal offices in different countries on all continents. The delivery is very quick compared to other delivery services, especially if you are using the Express type. It doesn’t matter if you are not from Europe - Poste Italiane will be able to deliver the package you ordered to your nearest postal office.

Poste Italiane contact information

You can contact Poste Italiane from their official website There you will also be able to find any relevant information (note that the website is in Italian so you will need to use a google translate browser extension if you don’t speak the language).

Here is the email address that you can use to ask them any questions concerning your package or tracking:

You can also use Poste Italiane’s social media customer service. Just find them by the company’s name (Poste Italiane) on Facebook and send them a message.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters Address: Rome, 00144, Viale Europa - 190;
  • Telephone: +39 06 595 81.

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