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Netherlands Post (PostNL) is the Netherlands national postal operator. It provides postal services in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Italy. PostNL began its activities as the Dutch national postal operator in 2011. Until that time, it was part of TNT N. V. The headquarters is located in The Hague. Every day, the Netherlands Post sends 7 million letters and 800,000 parcels. The company is part of the Universal Postal Union.

Follow these steps to send your card or letter: 

  1. Make sure your item meets the size and weight requirements:
    Max. size: 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm 
    Min. size: 14 x 9 cm 
    Max. weight: 2 kg 
  2. Make sure that your item is addressed correctly.
    To ensure speedy delivery, the receiver’s address should be clearly written on your card or letter. In the case of letters, you should always write a return address on the back of the envelope. This way we can return any undeliverable items to you. 
  3. Postage is calculated based on item weight. Depending on the destination of your card or letter, different stamps are used: Netherlands 1 and Netherlands 2 in the case of domestic mail, and International 1 for international mail. Stamps are available at your local post office. 

How to track the shipment

On the PostNL website, you can track the movement of packages. To do this, in the section "Track your goods" in the special field enter the track number of the shipment. This number is a combination of letters and numbers. If a small packet is sent (up to 2 kg), then the number starts with the letters R, if the parcel (from 2 to 20 kg) - with the letters C, if the EMS shipment - with the letters E. Then 9 digits follow, followed by a combination of letters N and L, indicating the postal service belongs to the Netherlands.

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