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SunYou Post is a Chinese logistics company that was created in 2008. The official name of the firm is SunYou Logistics Co Ltd. Right now it is one of the largest delivery providers in Asia and one of the top leading logistics firms in mainland China. It offers a variety of shipping solutions and is capable of shipping both the smallest and the largest packages worldwide. 

Companies like Alibaba utilize SunYou’s services to facilitate the product flow inside the nation. In fact, SunYou also provides warehouse solutions to other companies and firms in the country. 

Affordable prices is something that truly makes SunYou the leading firm in the logistics / delivery sector. Another thing that the customers like about it is a vast selection of options when it comes to delivery and shipping. Finally, SunYou is usually seen as the fastest delivery company. These reasons ensure that SunYou always has loyal customers who are very happy with the provided services. 

SunYou package tracking

Each SunYou shipment gets a unique tracking number, which enables the customers to track their purchased goods each step of the way. Normally, SunYou customers use a trustworthy website that proved itself to be the best parcel tracker on the Internet – Megabonus Parcel tracking. 

It is very easy to use. You need to simply copy your unique SunYou number that you get after your order is approved and paste it on the website’s main page. It doesn’t matter where in the world your parcel may be - Megabonus Parcel tracking will give you relevant information about its whereabouts. 

Megabonus Parcel tracking is also a great choice for those who like to order a few SunYou parcels at a time. The website allows you to track different orders simultaneously. You can also track parcels sent by different delivery companies, not just SunYou. This is easily done by Megabonus Parcel tracking system, which searches hundreds of thousands couriers, airports and temporary warehouses to find as much information as possible about your order. 

Please note that some SunYou services will only let you track your parcel when it is being handled inside China. You will know when it is being shipped, handled by a Chinese carrier, confirmed on board of an international flight. After that, further tracking might become impossible in some cases. Using Megabonus Parcel tracking will give you much more chances in successfully tracking your order even when no other tracking website works. 

SunYou’s estimated delivery time

Delivery time can vary based on your whereabouts. If you need your parcel to be delivered to a Chinese city, you will not have to wait longer than two to three days. SunYou’s domestic delivery is one of the most efficient ones in the world. However, if you are from Europe or America - you will have to wait quite a bit longer. 

For most packages the estimated delivery time is anywhere from one to two months. If you live in an area where there’s no airport nearby - you must be prepared to wait even longer. SunYou’s orders travel by plane 90 percent of the time, which is the quickest way to get parcels delivered internationally. 

Tracking number issued by SunYou

Unlike some other delivery companies’ tracking numbers, SunYou’s numbers can look a bit different. They usually start with two letters followed by fourteen randomly placed numbers (which is normal for most couriers). However, SunYou’s tracking numbers’ first letters can differ from parcel to parcel. Some of them start with capital letters LP, others might have SY in the beginning of the number. For example, if you order two parcels at the same time, they can easily have different letters in their tracking numbers. 

Here are a few examples of typical tracking numbers issued by SunYou:

  • SY24754188263452
  • LP66224185625341
  • SY82536473544427

This number is all you need to track your package on Megabonus Parcel tracking. There’s no need to register on the website - you can just find it via Google and start using it right away. 

Does SunYou deliver to my country?

Many Asian logistics companies have a list of countries they can’t ship to. This can be quite an issue for customers. SunYou took that into consideration and created a fully global, worldwide delivery service. That simply means that you will get your items delivered to your doorstep no matter where you are in the world. SunYou even delivers to those who live on small islands and in third world countries.

To make sure that your parcel is on its way you can always use Megabonus Parcel tracking completely free of charge. All you really need to stop worrying about receiving your order is to type your unique SunYou tracking number on Megabonus Parcel tracking and the website will immediately show you not only the current courier (FedEx, DHL and so on) and location of your shipment, but also the entire history of the shipment’s journey on its way to your house. 

SunYou parcel statuses 

Here are the possible statuses you can see when parcel tracking via Megabonus Parcel tracking:

  1. Acceptance (your order has been accepted by the company)
  2. Sent to X country (the website is letting you know that your order has been shipped to your country)
  3. Departed SunYou facility (your parcel has been packed and is on its way to the airport)
  4. Departed X airport (this indicates that the flight was successful and the parcel passed customs. There will be a few of such flights on your parcel’s way depending on how far the destination city is)
  5. Arrived at destination country’s airport (your item is already in your country. By this time you can be sure that there will be no custom delays since your package has already gotten through all of the custom checks)
  6. Arrived at facility (your parcel will soon be delivered by a courier - it is already in your city or postal office)

For the rare orders when you don’t get much information about your parcel, you will normally get at least those two statuses:

  1. In transit (your order is still on its way)
  2. Arrived (the parcel is in your country/city/nearest postal office)

SunYou contact information

If you have any questions concerning your order you are more than welcome to contact SunYou’s customer service workers directly from the official website. However, you can also call them using one of those numbers:

  • +86 0755-83766626;
  • +86 400-607-5388.

If you have complaints regarding your package you can use one of the following email addresses to get in contact with the company:

  • website:;
  • HQ address: Shenzhen, Minzhi Longhua, Guanghao, 9R Block A;

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