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Hybrid courier services TrakPak specializes on providing logistics services. It is an intermediary between market places and courier companies. Customers who buy from British online stores deal with this company. Thank to TrakPak the parcels are delivered to 220 countries of the world. More than 16.5 million parcels are processed by this company every year. TrakPak is a subsidiary of P2P Mailing.

The shipping provided by TrakPak consists of several stages. First, the local courier service of the sender sends the parcel to the sorting center. Then TrakPak sends it to the destination country where it’s taken by the local postal service.

Track packages

TrakPak has an important advantage. To track the location of the parcel sent by this company, you can use any number: the parcel number, the order number, the confirmation number. Enter any of these numbers to the “Track“ field on Then click “Search”.

You can also track the status of the shipment on the website of the local courier service. The tracking number starts with 2 capital Latin letters followed by 2 digits and GB letters. There are 11 digits in the end of the number. 

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Project supports more than 100 international postal and courier services.

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