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Yun Express Package Tracking

On this page, you will get to know everything that each Yun Express customer needs to know. We'll answer all the most frequently asked questions so you won't have to search for information on your own.

About Yun Express

The Chinese company Yun Express was founded in 2014. It provides logistics services for online stores both in China and around the world working as a shipping broker. The company cooperates with such major online retailers as AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Wish, and others.

Yun Express currently processes about 500,000 parcels a day, most of which are sent to Europe and the United States. It covers the entire logistics chain: from acceptance of the package and sorting to customs clearance and delivery to the buyer. It has developed efficient processes for sending parcels around the world, along with its own electronic tracking system.

Yun Express constantly adapts to the changing market and improves the quality of its services.

So how exactly does Yun Express work?

  1. Courier picks up the package and delivers it to Yun Express
  2. Package is shipped by Yun Express to the recipient's country
  3. Parcel passes customs and is handed over to one of the local courier companies cooperating with Yun Express, which delivers it to the customer

Yun Express Parcel Tracking

The parcels sent by Yun Express can only be tracked as they are passing through China. When the package reaches the destination country, it is handed over by courier to the local post office, and the recipient gets a notification message.

To track the shipping status of your parcel, you need to know the tracking number of your order. It starts with the capital letters YT, followed by 16 digits.

All you need to do for checking the logistics details of your package is to enter the tracking number in the special form on the Megabonus Parcel tracking website. After that you need to click on the button "Track the shipment", and you will get all available information about your shipment.

Delivery Terms

Yun Express does not guarantee an exact delivery time because the shipping process involves sending parcels overseas. The time frame in which the package arrives to the buyer depends on a few factors.

  • Remoteness of the customer's country from the seller's country
  • Specifics of logistic connection between countries
  • Rules of customs clearance
  • Chosen shipping method

The average delivery time for packages is about 14-30 days. However, in some cases, the shipping time extends up to 1.5 months.

Tracking Statuses

When tracking packages, the user can get the following statuses*.

*** - indicates any destination country,

### - any city.

  • Your order has been submitted, please wait for our system to confirm
  • Your order is processing right now
  • Shipment information received
  • Package received by the carrier
  • Departure from airport to destination country
  • Package arrived at the destination airport
  • Completed customs clearance process
  • Package arrived at the carrier facility
  • Arrived at Sort Facility in SHENZHEN
  • Dispatch from the point of origin international office
  • Departed Facility in ### INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
  • Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN
  • Item Arrived at ***
  • Item Posted Over The Counter to ***
  • Posted, Sent to ***
  • Dispatch PreAlert to ***
  • Parcel handed over to Post office
  • Custom clearance completed
  • Arrived at ### AIRPORT, Custom clearance processing
  • Item Posted Over The Counter to ***
  • Dispatch PreAlert to ***
  • The parcel has been returned to the sender
  • ### post office, Receive item from customer
  • Arrived at Sort Facility
  • Posted, Sent to ***


Contact Info

If you have any questions about Yun Express services, you can contact the customer service by email:

For more information, check out the official Yun Express website:

If you prefer to communicate by phone, call* the following number: 0755 893 563 29.

*The cost of the call will depend on the rates of your phone services provider.

The address of the company's headquarter office: Shenzhen, Longgang, Bantian, Bulong Road-369, Donghaiwang. 13 offices located throughout China, Europe, and the United States.

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Project supports more than 100 international postal and courier services.

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